It all started out with this picture. This was featured in the YOGA Journal (US) mid last year. They asked for pictures of how you practice in the kitchen. lol… Well this is exactly how I practice in the kitchen! I sent it in and they accepted it. I was amongst 5 other photos of women in thier yoga gear with pretty clean kitchens and doing some crazy stuff. And then there was me, in my PJ’s, with dishes everywhere and a messy kid! hahaa…. just keeping it real!? This is how I normally do my kitchen yoga and YES I do this pose often while loading the dish washer. So it wasn’t hard for me to jump up to do the picture. Since then I thought, if I can share what I do in my kitchen that help me get through the days surely it’ll help at least one other person?

When coming up for a name for my page it took a couple days for it to click.

Why kitchen yoga started

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