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My Kitchen

This is where the magic happens or so I think it does. :-)

I am in my kitchen most of the day, so I will often be doing stretches in it, playing with the boys in it and prepping/cooking meals to come.   Thankfully, I have a play area set up for the boys with crafts to enjoy while I cook.  Most of the time it works-otherwise as most mums do, I am called away from the kitchen to tend to kids to quickly return to cooking.  No wonder a 30 minute dinner can take 50 minutes!

The essential “triangle” of appliances that are the center of everyone’s kitchen is a bit off in mine, as we were limited for space.  My fridge is just next to the dishwasher, so that makes it a very weird “triangle”.  We tried to use the (small) space to the best of it’s potential, and this is a HUGE improvement to what peach monster kitchen was there before!

I keep my kitchen free of most gadgets you may find out in the shops.  I use my blender and food processor the most and then good ol’elbow grease.  I used to have a rice cooker, a juicer (or 2!), an electric frying pan, a george foreman, and a few others.  As the years have progressed I have realized I wanted simplicity with what I use and enjoy making meals as people have for centuries-without so many appliances.   I don’t mind the extra work and time it takes, that where I (try to) get the boys to help out when I need them.

This is the kitchen I create in-as you would see it everyday (after meals are done, and I’ve cleaned up) Yes, with the coffee on!  There is always coffee brewing for my husband.

my fabulous kitchen

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