I’ve never been a huge fan of porridge and have tried numerous pre-packaged porridges and made a few from scratch.  I’ve been converted!!!soaked oats  When I learned about soaking oats overnight, I realized how easy they were to cook and even healthier.

Why Soak???

In easy terms-Soaking overnight allows the breakdown of the anti-nutrients, releases the good nutrients, makes them quicker to cook in the morning and be easy-to-digest.

Both kernels and oats have their own benefits:
Steel cut oats: Have the same nutrients as rolled/old fashioned oats; except they have a lower GI, nuttier taste and chewer texture.  Personally, I like the fact that it is one less process it goes through before it gets to me.  Good source of protein, fibre, zinc, iron and folate also great for heart health.

Buckwheat Kernels: Are high in protein, iron, calcium, and have a low GI. It is considered a superfood, great for heart health and is actually a fruit seed (but called a grain for culinary reasons)

Soaking and cooking:

1 cup dry oats/kernels
1 cup filter lukewarm water
splash of Apple Cider Vinegar/Lemon

(this feeds 2 young kids and 2 adults, with toppings added makes for a filling dish)

Put oats/kernels in a bowl and pour water over them, add Apple Cider Vinegar/lemon give a stir.  Cover with clean cloth to keep bugs out of it, place in a safe place on your counter for the night.

This warm acid environment will enable the grains be easier digested and more nutritious for you.

When you wake up pour it all into a pan and start cooking it.  Start on Low-Medium heat cooking to warm it up.   Add fresh fruits, dried fruits, honey/syrup, cacao, butter or seeds/nuts to it.  Once it is all warm you are done.

Combinations my house has enjoyed:

·         Fruits with seeds (as shown in picture, berries and Flaxseed/pepitas meal cooked in the oats then strawberries and chia seeds on top)

·         Banana (mashed), seed meal (flaxseed/pepitas) cinnamon and butter. Honey to drizzle on top if needed

·         Cacao, seed meal and honey.   All of this to taste.

·         Pears (ripe and soft) with cinnamon and seed meal

·         Chopped dates, sultanas and seed meal.

I will add whatever fruit I have on hand for the day and taste it as I go.  Or let the kids help cook it, with my supervision, otherwise it would be full of sultanas or honey!  Sometimes the boys will get a few options of seeds, nuts and fruit to put on their plain honey and cinnamon porridge at the table.  With the rule they have to eat what they make, no do-overs. Lol…

Enjoy. What combinations have you tried or going to try?

Easy Soaked Oatmeal/Buckwheat

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