Hi I’m Paula :-)

As a Personal Trainer and a mum of 2 beautiful young boys, I am on a journey to keep my family as healthy as possible.  march15 431

It started 6 years ago. My desire to know more about what I was eating and how it affected my body. I had been on Proactive for 5 years, it fixed my skin but didn’t fix the problem causing my breakouts. I exercised and ate what I thought was healthy, yet I was dreaming about having clear skin and wondered why I wasn’t “lucky” enough to get that good gene.

When I noticed my towels getting bleached from the Proactive products I decided to go off and research it for myself, stop playing the victim to this product. What I found intrigued me and lead me down my path to a natural way of eating that has been lost in what society tell us is good for us.

I found a book called “The Healthy Skin Diet” by Karen Fischer. It was just what I needed, a bunch of quizes that woke me up to reality and what my body was really going through. All the weird things your body does, that you think is normal is NOT! I took the advice of the book, did thier 3 day detox (with all VERY clean food) and then set out on thier “diet”. I noticed within 2 months, that my skin cleared up and I wasn’t as tired and some of the symptoms I had, gas and bloating (to name a few I can feel comfortable sharing :-)) were gone. The biggest change was taking dairy out of my diet.

Since then I have maintained that level of healthiness until my kids came along. I started looking at what we were eating and how I could give my kids the nutrients they needed without using as much dairy, bread or grains and keep thier immunity levels high. My research has lead me to many new avenues, some weren’t what I wanted and others I have yet to complete.

It’s exciting to try new things and see what I can create for my kids to eat and see thier journey in the world of healthy foods.

p.s. This picture was taken by my son, who was 2.5 at the time.  :-) Sometimes he can take the best pictures, no doubt because of the smiles he gets from me!

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