As a working mum of 2 young boys, I find it hard to find time to get all the stretches in that I would like to do throughout my day.  Soo…. I get creative.  I make time in between my cooking, playing, cleaning and working to add a little bit of yoga into my schedule.  Of course this is supplement to my full mat sessions throughout the week and adds to the benefits I receive from doing yoga.

Here I will show you how I do Yoga poses in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, outside and on my mat.  You never know where the inspiration may hit you, or where you may need to take a breath and clear your mind.


Where to begin with my YOGA story?

Firstly, I am a self taught Yoga gal with 12+yrs of practice, and 8 years as personal trainer.  In my years as a personal trainer I’ve been lucky enough to work for  Step Into Life Wodonga that has allowed me to teach Power Flex-a stretch and flex class for the last 5 years.

I absolutely love yoga now, but when I first started back in my 20’s I didn’t.  In my mid twenties I had just gotten out of the US Army and was big into strength training and running.  I had tried yoga on and off for about 3 years and just didn’t (couldn’t) get myself to slow down that much, couldn’t sit still. :-S  Finally, one day it clicked! Since then I have accumulated so many DVD’s and have attended that many classes that I was able to teach it without hesitation.

As with most aspects in life it all changes with kids.  Oh my…… does it ever!  I have learned  a different advantage of yoga with kids in your life, it helps you stay SANE!  :-O  It was also a great tool for popping the kids out as well!! lol… my husband thought I was CrAzY during my labor, as I was quiet calm and using my yogic breathing very well. mmm…that’s a whole other story.  Moving on… kids and yoga.  My practice now consists of me completing as many poses as I can with the kids running around me and trying to use me as a jungle gym. Or showing how they can do a hyped up version of what I’m doing, which is normally just doing a downward dog and jumping as the same time. hehee.. they are too cute.  Sometimes I do get them to stop and do a normal pose with me.  My goal is to get them more intuned with using yoga as a tool to help them though life.    I’ve given you a few pics to enjoy of before, during (prego) and after I’ve popped kids out. :-)

Before kids, yoga was everywhere!

Before kids-Yoga was everywhere!

Pregnancy yoga with one kid, my mat as a parking lot. :-O

Pregnancy Yoga with one kid and my mat is transformed into a car park.

A VERY serious face on Sam. :-)

Such a serious face from Sam.

Yoga with 2 kids, just wrestling sometimes.

And Yoga with two kids, it’s just wrestling sometimes.

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