When it comes to breakfast, I used to rely on toast a lot! We had it just about every day. I didn’t like porridge or oatmeal that much and wasn’t a fan of muesli or cereal, either. It was the first meal I wanted to change and the hardest, as I found my energy lacking after a sleepless night with 2 young kids, and didn’t want to put much fuss into making anything big.
I tried some different things, omelettes (not good at them at all!!! Never get them fully flipped!) I tried pre-packaged (healthier versions) of muesli/porridge/oatmeal/cereals. Didn’t like the things I found in them and still didn’t stick to keeping them in my eating program.

I then went to look at other options, how to make your own oatmeal/porridge from scratch, or what else I could do with eggs without toast involved. I found a recipe for a sweet potato hash and added a few extra things and it is a HIT! It is one of my main brekkies. I stumbled across how to soak and prepare buckwheat kernels or steel cut oats the night before so that you only have a 5 min cook time in the morning. Another weekly favourite, and to make it better I can add whatever fruit I have around or if all else fails I have made a cacao version with honey. CHOCOLATE porridge! YUMS! The boys thought it was a very special day. Lol… And lastly I make pancakes from scratch. I use a simple ratio and add nuts/fruit/seeds in from there, which make them sweet enough to eat without syrup (which my kids still don’t know what it is ;-)) Those are my 3 go to breakfasts for the week.

Sweet Potato Hash-Adjust the recipe for the size of your family. I will use about a ½ a sweet potato, cut up in cubes, an apple (or 2 if they are small, any colour) some chopped up bacon, and a veggie (zucchini, spinach, carrots or tomatoes). Put the sweet potato in first to start cooking then add apple in next with the veggies (if they are a hard veggie, i.e. carrots, zucchini) then add in the bacon and lastly add light veggies tomatoes or spinach at the end. I cook these in butter, oil or ghee. I put a top on the pan while cooking the sweet potato to help it along and take it off mid-way to the end so it crunches up. Take the hash out when everything is cooked approximately 7 minutes. Cook eggs in the same pan however you like them. Plop the egg on the hash and enjoy.

My kids may not eat all the hash but I can guarantee they will eat ½ and that is a good start to the day. You can keep leftovers for a salad, lunch or a snack. I like the ability to vary what goes in here. I have used regular potatoes, and also added mushrooms. Play with it and keep it interesting for everyone.

I find during my morning routine of putting dishes away and prepping for the day, I can start it and let it cook while doing everything else. It’s easy and healthy enough for me to keep making it and not stress. 

Hope you enjoy and let me know what combinations you try!

Sweet Potato Hash

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